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Fair Advisors in the News


New York Times "The Rush to Beat the Market" April 11, 2009 M. P. Dunleavey

Wall Street Journal "Present Tense" April 12, 2009 Charles Passy

Forbes "Shoot the Messenger" November 21, 2008 Deborah Orr

The Economist "Hodge Podge" February 14, 2007 Buttonwood

Indianapolis Star "When people trust wealth: As Marcus Schrenker's plane crashed, so did his high-rolling image" April 12, 2009 Francesca Jarosz

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette "Battered retirement investors regaining interest in fixed annuities, but they aren’t for everyone" April 23, 2009 Tim Grant

Daily Finance " “What can investors learn from the Cramer meltdown? " April 20, 2009 Dan Solin

IFMM " Eco-Friendly Meetings" March/April 2009 Stella Johnson "Time to get conservative in your 529? " April 2009 Melissa Ezarik

Wealth Manager Magazine "Noise: How to help clients tune out other market and economic static" October 10, 2008 Vanessa Drucker

Wealth Manager Magazine "When markets turn turbulent, hedging clients' portfolios may be your primary investing goal. Choosing the best method is up to you." Vanessa Drucker

Advisor Perspectives "Fundamental Indexing Debunked" August 2008 Rob Huebscher

Advisor Perspectives "Rob Arnott Defends Fundamental Indexing" Rob Huebscher February 2009

Advisor Perspectives "A Brief Response to Criticism of Target Date Funds" Ron Surz "Want to Build Wealth? Break these 8 Rules" Melissa Ezarik

Fund Strategy "Uncertainty shrouds future of American institutions" September 29, 2008 Vanessa Drucker

Fund Strategy "On a roll" September 15, 2008

Growing Wealth "Demystifying Hedge Funds" September 2008

Palm Springs Life "All Abroad! Open-ended, exchange traded funds offer a 'basket' of diversified stocks" January 2008 Ellen Paris


Interviews and Articles

PBS Tavis Smiley Interview January 23, 2007

Advisor Perspectives "Fundamental Indexing: A Verbal Optical Illusion" Michael Edesess January 13, 2008

Investments interview with Michael Edesess

Advisor Perspectives "Travels in Four-Packistan" September 9, 2008 Michael Edesess

Advisor Perspectives "Fundamental Indexing: Breakthrough or Old Idea in New Marketing Garb?" August 26, 2008 Michael Edesess